Perspective is Power

Command greater capability with the powerful perspective of a proven partner in connected missions.

Who We Are

At Tyto Athene, we harness the power of technology to provide solutions that shape the future.


With over 60 years of experience providing mission-focused digital transformation, our team of experts connect people with technologies to seamlessly integrate and modernize enterprise-level operations that increase mission resiliency, capability, and flexibility for U.S. Defense, National Security, Intelligence, Space, and Public Safety agencies around the globe. Tyto’s deep understanding of the customer’s mission brings proven results.

Our Expertise

  • Networking

    Deploying the network of next through the rapid pace of technology.

  • Mission Enablement

    Perspective that powers progress in the operating environments of tomorrow.

  • Cyber

    Execution without exception in today's hyper connected world.

  • Digital Adoption

    Technology that moves missions created by a company that knows mission.

Tyto Athene: Perspective is Power


  • "Tyto is a place that enables leaders to make and implement decisions quickly, and it’s exciting to have this opportunity.”

    John West, VP of Business Development and Strategy

  • "We have a remarkably patriotic mindset, which I find encouraging and motivating. We support almost exclusively government customers in the United States, including some state and local. As someone who has always been a civilian, it does give me a sense of engagement and connectedness to our national mission."

    Jeff Whitlock, Senior Director of Contracts

  • "Seeing how the company has grown into what it is today is a great story to share with candidates! I see a lot of potential for Tyto to keep growing."

    Casey Gutmann, Director of Talent Acquisition

Heighten Your Perspective

We believe in empowering our people to make the right decisions every day by providing the resources, mentoring and guidance they need to continuously achieve excellence