Tyto Athene 1 Year

One year ago today, Arlington Capital Partners announced their acquisition of what is now Tyto Athene, LLC!

To celebrate, Tyto Athene employees enjoyed a day out, some cake, conversation, and congratulations on a great year!

And what an impressive first year it has been! Tyto has continued to provide excellent service and support to our current and new clients. Additionally the company has continued to excel in its ability to develop new technologies such as the Acuity® Micro Data Center. Tyto believes that our knowledge, experience, and innovation has continued to address a strategic gap at the edge of the information infrastructure for Tyto Athene’s clients. Tyto Athene looks forward to another successful year and sustained strong performance.

Pictured Below:

Tyto Athene Herndon and Amherst, Virginia offices met for a group bowling outing, including pizza, cake, and some very good bowlers. A great day enjoyed by all!