jeff murray

Jeffrey D. Murray

Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for the strategy, development, execution, and overall vision of Tyto Athene’s business objectives worldwide.

As CEO, Jeff Murray leads a global team responsible for making access to information easier and more secure for Tyto Athene clients. Jeff uses both his business and technical background to ensure Tyto Athene remains innovative and highly responsive to its market and clients. Integrating highly effective teams, processes, and technologies are at the forefront of what Jeff does for Tyto Athene and what Tyto Athene does for its clients.

Prior to being appointed CEO, Jeff led the Government Solutions Business of Black Box (BBGS), where he was responsible for setting the vision and strategy of the three companies that made up BBGS. He has held executive positions within the government contracting industry for more than 20 years and previously worked in engineering and research and development. In total, Jeff brings more than 30 years of industry and leadership experience to his role as CEO.

He served honorably in the U.S. Marines, Air Force, and Army, and was continuously engaged in advancing communication platforms in each service. He believes in the importance of innovation, and this mindset is prevalent at Tyto Athene.