ACUITY® by Tyto Athene – the Solution to Mobile Communications for Hurricane Response

ACUITY Hurricane Response

This year is set to be yet another record-breaking hurricane season with seven storms already identified and over a dozen more predicted to hit the East Coast. While science and technology continually improve to try to predict these events in order to minimize their effect, they cannot eliminate the cause or impact. So when disaster inevitably strikes, first responders must answer the call no matter what, where, or how dangerous the situation is. Giving our first responders access to critical data, information and communication is essential to keeping them safe. This is where ACUITY® by Tyto Athene comes in.

ACUITY is a portable micro data center and communications hub designed to allow first responders access to critical data almost instantaneously from the moment they hit the ground. Unlike most portable solutions that offer either compute or communications or some variant of these capabilities, ACUITY was created with an understanding of responders and their needs, designed with the following capabilities that enable a faster, safer and more streamlined approach:

  • A lightweight (30lbs) portable data center with interoperable voice, video, and information systems functionality
  • Operates in a connected or disconnected mode
  • Supports both secure and non-secure communications with a full suite of Unified Communications
  • Contains i7 Processing Power with 10 credit-card-sized servers with up to 40 Cores
    • With 160 GB DDR RAM
    • And 10TB of built-in storage
  • Scalable for multi-mission area operations
  • Includes LTE, Wi-Fi and optional satellite communications
  • Packaged in a ruggedized briefcase-style case

ACUITY is also ruggedized which means it can withstand harsh environments at the front lines of a disaster response – wind, rain, tough terrain, dirt, etc. ACUITY can withstand an environmental temperature between -40 degrees and 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the ACUITY blades are waterproof.

One ACUITY unit replaces truckloads of equipment including data center pods, heavy gear, and expensive, legacy systems. Now, field teams can accomplish more, quickly and inexpensively. In addition, in the case of emergency, the ACUITY chassis can be left behind – each server card can be moved to another unit and then function autonomously once authenticated. In the case of unexpected mission changes, simply pull the cards from one unit and go. This safeguards the data, leaving no critical information behind. Once a new unit is obtained, the cards can be plugged in and the unit will operate normally without reinstallation or reconfiguration.

Setting up a mobile command center and a reliable network backbone is a critical component for hurricane first responder teams. Each ACUITY would provide a complete turnkey solution that can be configured before disaster ever hits. ACUITY minimizes variables that need to be accounted for during a disaster response by providing a system that is fully configured and ready to be operational at the press of a button. It can help first responders do what they do best – save lives.

For More Information About ACUITY Please Contact:

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