Execution without Exception

For defense and federal agencies, transformation demands intelligent integration of new solutions coupled with the practical ability to mature cyber practices to effectively address mission risk.

We do more than provide technology; we secure tomorrow.

Certainty Where the Mission Demands

 In today’s hyper-connected world, protecting mission-critical information and systems from cyber threats has never been more important. The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and attack surfaces are increasing. Cyber adversaries are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their tactics and advancements in AI/ML technology are placing cyber assurance at the forefront of enterprise cyber defense.

Act decisively, knowing your mission-critical cloud, application, mobile, and infrastructure layers are integrated with cyber solutions and technologies to provide adaptive defense and resiliency at scale.



Enterprise Cyber Defense


Defensive Cyber Operations

The evolution of today’s battlefield places information and the need for actionable data at the core of operations to achieve dominance.  The battlespace extends beyond IT and networks.  Safeguarding government agencies against evolving cyber threats requires proactive vigilance.

Partnering with the federal government to maximize mission continuity, Tyto Athene applies defensive cyber approaches tailored to the needs of our customers. Emphasizing visibility, reporting, and transparency, we deliver data and intelligence-driven, highly automated, and optimized defensive cyber operations to defend against the threats of tomorrow.


Cyber Assurance

Assuring Data Resilience


Cyber Assurance underpins resilience and security for our nation’s most critical mission systems. Backed by proven methodologies and emerging technologies, Tyto Athene navigates the intricate landscape of federal mandates to deliver value-driven cyber solutions to provide federal agencies with a rational, accelerated approach to achieve agency compliance.



Adoption Simplified

Zero Trust transformation is a fundamental change requiring innovative solutions in policy implementation and enforcement, identity and credentialing, and micro-segmentation.

Tyto Athene simplifies Zero Trust adoption, guiding our clients through solution adoption choices, streamlining compliance and integration to ensure every data and resource access decision is based on robust policy implementations and active, adaptive identity-centric trust decisions.  Driven by mission needs, Tyto Athene ensures our customers reach an optimized level of Zero Trust adoption to achieve resilient cyber defense.