Honoring Tyto Athene’s Vic Hood and the SSA Team

The Social Security Administration has officially recognized Tyto Athene’s Vic Hood by presenting him SSA’s Associate Commissioner’s Citation for his performance, leadership, and commitment to the IT Office of Central Operations’ (OCO) values. The SSA team, led by Vic Hood, maintains, operates and optimizes the SSA’s HQ-based enterprise systems for more than 28,000 users.

The award specifically calls out Vic’s “courteous, accurate, timely, and efficient service” honoring him on his outstanding leadership in the migration from the old SL100 Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) platform to the new T-Metrics VoIP ACD platform. The migration also included engineering and technical support for the GENCom Client Softphone to allow Call Center Agents to answer calls while teleworking. He was presented an award during a ceremony honoring only a select number of recipients.

Vic continues to be a true asset to our company and continues to provide exemplary service that is a strong representation for Tyto Athene.

From left to right: Acting Assistant Associate Commissioner Doris Diaz, Deputy Associate Commissioner Patrice Stewart, Associate Commissioner Christopher R. Goble, Vic Hood, Site Manager

Tyto Celebrates SSA Team’s Accomplishments

A celebratory happy hour was held on April 16 at Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House, outside of Baltimore, Maryland, for Vic and the team that supports the SSA in recognition of their many accomplishments in customer service. Tyto Athene CEO, Jeff Murray, and other members of company leadership were on hand to share in the celebration and show appreciation for this dedicated, hard-working team. Congratulations to Vic and the SSA team for a job well done!