Tyto Athene’s Second Annual Sales and Engineering Kick-Off Meeting

The Tyto team is hosting its annual Sales & Engineering meeting December 16-19 in Miami, Florida. This event is a great chance for our Sales & Engineering teams to meet and discuss and develop goals for the next year. Tyto Athene employees can share knowledge, solve problems and hear from our partners.

During this week we will be evaluating our first full year as Tyto Athene and our progress since our last meeting in March. We’re excited to start off 2020 with a game plan prepared to make informed decisions, share expertise and brainstorm as a group. Doing this also gives us the opportunity to interact with and learn from fellow team members that typically work in different departments and different locations.

This event is crucial to Tyto Athene’s success, and would not be possible without the support of numerous partners that graciously covered the costs of the entire event. In addition to collaborating with each other, Tyto team members will also get a chance to learn from our partners during individual presentations and the Solutions Showcase. During the Solutions Showcase, sponsors will be able to present products and services in a casual, intimate setting, allowing the opportunity for networking, questions and demos.

This our second annual Sales & Engineering meeting as Tyto Athene. Last March, our Sales & Engineering teams gathered in Denver, Colorado.  This annual event gives Tyto executives, sales, and engineering teams the chance to reconvene and assess progress, giving an idea of what to focus on in the upcoming year.

Thank you to all of our sponsors: