Recap: Tyto Athene’s Second Annual Sales and Engineering Kick-Off Meeting

The Tyto Athene team recently returned from our second annual Sales & Engineering Kick-off Meeting in Miami, Florida, December 16-19.

During the week, our Sales and Engineering teams were able to meet, catch up and learn from each other as we discussed our progress over the past year and developed plans for the New Year. Having members from both our Sales & Engineering teams allowed for an informed collaborative experience, and provided the opportunity for members from both teams to gain insight into parts of our organization they don’t typically encounter.

While the beginning of the week was focused on internal meetings, the rest of the week was dedicated to several of our partners that graciously covered all of the costs for the event. Our Solutions Showcase allowed our partners to present their newest products and services one-on-one to our employees. Individual presentations given by our partners also provided an opportunity for the Tyto Team to hear about these products and services in more detail.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for their participation and support of this year’s event. We could not have put this together without you and we are already excited and planning for next year’s event. 

For more information about the 2020 Sales & Engineering Kick-off Meeting, please contact Julene Slusher at