Recap: Tyto Athene’s 2021 Virtual Sales & Engineering Meeting

Last week, the team at Tyto Athene got the chance to learn and engage with each other and partners during their annual Sales & Engineering Kick-off Meeting. This year’s event was hosted virtually, so employees and partners were still able to interact and share with each other even while apart.

This was the third year hosting the annual meeting as Tyto Athene, but it was the first year hosting the event virtually. Members of the sales and engineering teams were able to laugh, catch up and learn from each other during virtual meetings and presentations. Sales and engineering groups were able to discuss goals, collaborate on ideas, and plan for success in the upcoming year. Having members from various departments allowed for an informed collaborative experience and provided the opportunity to gain insight into different parts of the organization they don’t typically encounter.

While the beginning of the week was focused on internal meetings, the rest of the week was dedicated to presentations from partners. Individual presentations given by partners provided an opportunity for the Tyto Athene Team to hear about new products and services in more detail and to build stronger relationships with the teams they work with regularly.

Tyto Athene’s yearly kick-off meeting offers the opportunity for sales and engineering teams to meet, share knowledge, solve problems and hear from partners. This year’s participants included: NEC, AVAYA, GTS Group, Ribbon Communications, Ruckus Networks CommScope, Ciena, Extreme Networks, Compunetix, Jenne Inc., Corning Inc., Poly, RAD, Thinklogical, and T-Mobile.

For more information about the 2022 Sales and Engineering Kick-Off Meeting, please contact Julene Slusher at