Tyto Athene’s Tom Seals to Present at NLIT 2019

At this year’s National Laboratories Information Technology (NLIT) Summit, Tyto Athene’s Operations Manager at Sandia National Labs, Tom Seals, will be giving a presentation titled: “Going From Good To Great! – Setting and Managing Customer Expectations.” Tom will be speaking Wednesday May 29 from 1:15 – 1:55.

Here is a preview of Tom’s talk! We look forward to seeing you at NLIT May 28 – 31!

No matter how high the quality of your products and services are, if the expectations of your customer are not met, you will fail at customer satisfaction. Setting and managing those expectations is the most critical piece to maintaining great customer satisfaction. Every failure of service is related to customer expectations. Technical, equipment and delivery failures can sometimes limit our ability to meet expectations however, if handled correctly upfront they can be a win.

Topics Covered:

  • The three types of expectations – explicit, implicit, hidden
  • Engineering Customer Expectations
  • Influencing Expectations
  • The Delta Principle
  • Reviewing and Managing Expectations
  • Gold Plating
  • The Platinum Rule
  • The Sunset Rule
  • Behavioral Styles

More about NLIT 2019:

A 3-day event, NLIT Summit facilitates an exchange of information management, best practices, strategies, and methodologies. Each day consists of presentations, panel discussions, new equipment/technology demonstrations, and information sharing.

Tyto Athene: Booth 313