What Memorial Day Means to Tyto Athene

Today we appreciate and remember the lives of the men and women that have died while serving in the US Military. We are so grateful for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms and we honor their courage and commitment. To celebrate this Memorial Day, we asked a few members of the Tyto Team that have served in the Armed Forces to tell us what the holiday means to them.

Having retired from the Military, Memorial Day is always about the three “R’s”.  “Reflection,” for the past soldiers and the path they created for future generations and our military service members to come.  “Remembering,” not only the fearless soldier and prisoners of war (POWs) but also the battle-tested military tactics and techniques that still exist today. The “Resilient” brave men and women that still volunteer today to follow “Old Glory” into battle against an ever-changing enemy.  Staying strong in trying times not only strengthens yourself but friends and family as well.  This is what the colors of red (hardiness and valor), white (purity and innocence) and blue (vigilance and justice) of the United States flag represent.

– Mark Krob, Army