Working at Tyto Athene

by Natalie Glenn on February 6, 2020

The Tyto Team is hiring and we’re searching for the brightest individuals to join us as we continue to grow. Tyto Athene is a full-service systems integrator focused on helping clients accelerate their ability to make decisions by providing secure access to enterprise information throughout their operating environment.

We work to make communications and data transfer safe and available anytime, anywhere. Looking for a new job, or simply evaluating your options? Let us tell you about Tyto.

Tyto Athene has over 400 employees in the US and around the world, and while this may make us sound like a large company, we’re still able to maintain a small business feel. Tyto provides competitive pay with an assortment of benefit options, while simultaneously being able to offer support for personal and professional growth.

Your professional life

At Tyto Athene, we want to know about your career goals and help you achieve them. When our employees succeed, so do we. That’s why Tyto supports and encourages learning and constant improvement. Our Tuition Reimbursement Program allows you to earn a degree or take classes relevant to your work so that you can better yourself and therefore our company. We are constantly searching for ways to improve our organization, and what could be a better way to do that than through our employees?

Tyto Athene provides the ability to do meaningful work that truly makes a difference. Most of our customers are part of the US Department of Defense, which means that we help our own military do their jobs with more ease and efficiency, every day, all over the world. The work that we do can allow our clients to make timely decisions and can make the difference between a mission’s success or failure. In fact, many of our employees are veterans and have a unique perspective when approaching particular DoD projects.

We are always working to deliver the best products and services. We want to work with people who not only believe in what we do but are willing to bring their individuality and insight to the table. We want to inspire our employees to achieve excellence, which is why we started the Chasing Perfection program. With this program, employees that go above and beyond the call of duty are awarded recognition and a (very cool) t-shirt or hat. It’s a great way for our managers to thank our employees and show appreciation for the hard work they put in every day! Tyto also has President’s Club, an annual recognition program designed to afford the Senior Leadership team the opportunity to recognize and thank those members of our team that regularly go above and beyond the call of duty to generate significant value for the company. Each awardee is nominated by their respective Manager and/or Director, evaluated and selected by a panel of management team leaders and executives based upon their performance and contributions in driving the company’s success. 

How do you personify Tyto’s beliefs and values in your own life, and how can you bring that into the office to make Tyto a better place?

Your personal life

While we do care about your professional life and your performance at Tyto, we also understand and care about your personal life. Tyto Athene encourages a healthy work/life balance because we’re people, too, and you shouldn’t have to decide between a paycheck and focusing on the ones you love. We provide the opportunity for remote work and offer flexible hours, so you can focus on work and family without making sacrifices. Tyto Athene also supports a casual office style, so you can feel comfortable even when at the office. 

Tyto matches 401k contributions, offers PTO that increases over the years you spend with us, and even allows for paternal leave so you don’t have to choose between family and work. We have multiple options for healthcare coverage, including two healthcare plans, an HSA, an FSA and dental and vision coverage. Being a Tyto Athene employee also gives you access to thousands of discounts on products and services like passes to Disneyland, household items and event tickets.

Tyto also provides multiple avenues for our employees to learn together and laugh together. With Bagel Fridays and monthly parties and events, it’s impossible to avoid creating bonds with your coworkers. We really want our employees to live their best lives, so we are more than happy to help you reach your health goals with healthy vending options, gym membership discounts and compensation, and an office softball team.

The Tyto Team

When you apply to join the Tyto Team, your application will be reviewed by our recruiting team and relevant team members that care about who you are holistically and aren’t interested in simply hiring to fulfill a checklist of applicable skills. If we invite you in for an interview, you’ll be meeting with people that you’ll be working with or reporting to daily so we can answer your questions and help you get a feel for the company. It’s not just about us finding the right fit for the position — it’s about you finding the right place to work.

Despite having almost 400 employees globally, Tyto Athene is still a close-knit community. We organize team bonding events and office events so our employees know we appreciate them and can get a chance to talk with individuals from different departments or offices. Additionally, our leadership team is approachable and communicates transparently. They consistently provide updates on Tyto Athene’s progress and you can feel comfortable talking to your supervisor about your goals and responsibilities. Our managerial team is here to support you and see you succeed. Employees are welcome and encouraged to contribute to the improvement of our team and even have opportunities to share their thoughts and ideas anonymously through annual surveys. 

An organization with experience

Our organization has been around for almost 50 years, but the Tyto Athene brand is new. This means that we have the experience and expertise in our industry, but we’re still constantly seeking ways to improve and adapt. Employees at Tyto have the flexibility to move up or to a more fitting role as we continue to grow and build on our current knowledge and abilities.

If you like the sound of our culture and values and think Tyto Athene may be a good fit for you or someone you know, please visit our careers page and look through our open positions or follow us on social media to get updates when we post about newly available positions. We’re hiring for all levels and are always looking to add ambitious and bright individuals to join #TeamTyto.